New Stained Glass Windows for the Holy Spirit Chapel

The Holy Spirit Chapel, located
in the grounds of the Brisbane Campus of the Australian Catholic University, is adorned with stained glass windows depicting Jesus and various saints particularly significant to the Queensland Provincial Seminary.

Originally three panels were installed in 1945 representing (from left to right) St Francis Xavier, Jesus the Good Shepherd and St Joseph

with the Christ Child. Hardman Studio of Birmingham, England, was responsible for the creation of these original panels.

St Peter and St Paul were later added in 1954, flanking the original three, with St Peter on the left and St Paul on the right. By 1958 the addition of two Doctors of the

Church, St Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas, added to the aesthetics of the chapel. Harry Clark Studio, of Dublin, Ireland was responsible for the creation of these four panels.

It would take more than fifty years
– until 2013 – before a further two stained glass windows were added. These depict St Catherine of Siena and St Teresa of Avila, both declared Doctors of the Church in 1970. For the task of the latest additions, Julian Podmore from Brisbane, Australia was commissioned.

St Catherine of Siena (pictured above left), the fourteenth-century Italian mystic, is depicted in the Dominican habit with a book in her right hand, crown of thorns and
a cross with seven white flowers intertwining the cross. The crown

of thorns and the cross represent St Catherine’s mystical experience of Christ’s passion. The seven white flowers represent the seven gifts
of the Holy Spirit and her virginity. The book shows St Catherine as a Doctor of the Church.

St Teresa of Avila (pictured above right), the sixteenth-century Spanish mystic, is depicted in the Carmelite habit with a book, a quill and two white flowers in her right hand. The book symbolises St Teresa as one of four female Doctors of the Church. The quill represents St Teresa’s prolific writings while the two flowers symbolise her virginity.

Windows by Julian Podmore

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New Stained Glass Windows for the Holy Spirit Chapel

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