Ordination Reflection

Deacon Damien's Ordination

Being Ordained into the Diaconate on the 10th November, 2017 has been the most exciting experience of my life.  It has been the culmination of a lot of prayer and study over an extensive period of time.  The Seminary has helped shape me and prepare me for pastoral ministry in the local church, and I have enjoyed my Diaconal ministry in the parish of Banyo-Nundah immensely.

Being ordained has opened my eyes and my heart to witnessing the love others have for Jesus Christ.  Being able to proclaim and preach the Gospel at Mass has encouraged me to deepen my pastoral friendships with others and understand my relationship with Jesus on a much more broader, yet at the same time, on a deeply personal and intimate level.  There was something very special and deeply moving for me in the moment of the bishop laying hands, welcoming me into the order of the diaconate.

I am looking forward to my Ordination to the Priesthood and serving the Archdiocese of Brisbane in a deeply personal and pastoral way.  I look forward to bringing my gifts and talents to the role of public ministry and worship, and I hope to be the type of pastor who is considerate and caring to all.  There are as many layers and dimensions to the priesthood and the priestly life as there are ways of relating and carrying out mission.

Deacon Tom's Ordination

The day I was ordained to the diaconate was a day of thanksgiving and joy. It was a day of thanksgiving because I was so grateful to the Lord for calling me to share in His ministry as a Deacon, and God willing one day as a priest. It was also a day of thanksgiving because it was an occasion for me to thank all those who supported me on the journey to Holy Orders. Those singled out for special thanks included my parents and my brothers but also members of my extended family and the seminary community. I was also most grateful to the Marist Brothers and in particular Br Roger Burke who vested me during the liturgy. I was touched by the support offered to me by the faithful who attended, representing the many different parishes who had brought me to that day. It was a day of joy because I experienced a deep happiness and peace during the entire liturgy but particularly when Archbishop Mark Coleridge laid hands on me. At that point my nerves were gone and I couldn’t stop smiling, I was just so happy! My prayer is that my ministry be one that is hallmarked by the same thanks and joy that was so much a part of my ordination.

Bishop Michael's Ordination Reflection

The Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Michael McCarthy was celebrated under the clear skies of Rockhampton and amidst a prevailing mood of hope and optimism for the future. The newly-ordained Shepherd – a former Rector of the Holy Spirit Seminary – was alternately jovial and direct in his first official remarks to his flock, combining amusing reflections on his priestly ministry with a serious call for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge ordained Bishop McCarthy in a packed St Joseph’s Cathedral in the presence of the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Paul Gallagher. The attendance of a wide selection of the Episcopate from the Province of Queensland, as well as Bishops from around the country – even Bishop Lucius Ugorji of Umuahia in Nigeria – attested to the importance of this event for the People of God in the Diocese of Rockhampton which last ordained a Bishop in 1991. The Seminarians and Staff of Holy Spirit Seminary wish Bishop Michael well and pray that his Ministry might continue to be fruitful in his new role leading the Church in Rockhampton.

-Sebastian Condon

Peter Street's Diaconal Ordination Reflection

My whole life I have been waiting to respond to the call from God to be a priest; this step of ordination to the diaconate was a major step on the journey. The readings spoke of service and the love of Christ from which nothing can separate us. The music lifted the soul. As I lay prostrate before the Altar, I was humbled to hear people invoking the saints to help me. I was convinced when the bishop layed hands on my head that I was doing the right thing. To be able to serve at the Altar and proclaim the Gospel is an immense privilege. I have been excising my diaconal ministry at Masses since my ordination and have had the honour of conferring the Sacrament of Baptism for the first time.  I ask for prayers as I continue my formation to serve our Church and our loving God.


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