From the Rector

Holy Spirit Seminary Queensland serves the five dioceses of Queensland – Brisbane, Cairns, Rockhampton, Toowoomba and Townsville – in preparing candidates for the Priesthood. The Seminary reflects the nature of the Catholic Church in its student cohort: smaller in numbers, older in age and multicultural in background. Together these fine men surface to test a vocation in a world counter cultural to faith and religion. A certain courage lies at the willing heart of each seminarian.  The Seminary Staff appreciate the privilege of being chosen to journey with them.


Seminarians live separate but not isolated from normal society during their formation years. In recent time the beautiful image of the Church has suffered through clerical misconduct. The wound saddens young aspirants to the priesthood without diminishing hope. Because of the Resurrection of Jesus, fresh heart seeps into the disciples of every age. Enthused by the Spirit of God the seminarians face the future with humble confidence aided by proven spiritual and psychological resources.


In their common sense approach to serving the Church reclaim its vitality in mission, through ordained ministry, they welcome and rely on the prayerful support of families, friends and all who love the Church and the priesthood. Thank you for your interest in those open to discerning the mystery of Christ in their lives and in the life of the Church.




487 Earnshaw Road
P.O. Box 18
Banyo QLD 4014

P: 07 3267 4800
F: 07 3267 7199